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About the book. Search in this book. Mac OS X, Apple's newest operating system for the Macintosh platform, is profoundly different from its earlier versions because of its similarity to the UNIX operating system.

Apple's New Programming Language: Swift - Your First Mac App!

For developers writing software for OS X this means adjusting to two new environments to create applications and to access the enhanced features of the new OS, Cocoa and Carbon. Mac OS X Developer's Guide focuses equally on Cocoa and Carbon, guiding the reader through these technologies and showing how to write applications in both. Now with Mac OS X Java is still available, but users have to download Java from Oracle's website and install it themselves.

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Apple's Mac App Store doesn't even allow Java apps to be sold at their store calling Java "deprecated". However, there still are Mac developers who use Java because it has the advantage of being cross-platform compatible. For example, the same source-code can be used to generate software that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Apple has said that Java reduces the Mac to the "least common denominator". That's why they support it less.

macOS deprecating scripting language runtimes, including Python, Ruby, and Perl | Hacker News

Python is somewhat supported by Apple. There are third-party libraries that allow developers to develop applications using Python and Cocoa together, but these are not very well maintained, and Python on the Mac is most suitable for developing command-line utilities, or cross-platform scripts that aren't really very Mac-like. Most Mac users use Safari for their web browser.

Safari uses the standards set by w3c.

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If you're developing websites using your Mac and using Safari, remember to test your webpages on other platforms and with other web browsers. You could call AppleScript a "native" language too, but it isn't really used to make commercial applications. It was designed to be used by real power-users to automate their tasks. Although it is possible to use AppleScript to build Cocoa applications in XCode, this would be more for users who already know AppleScript and don't want to learn Objective-C.

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