Mac safari internet explorer emulator

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How to run Internet Explorer on a Mac

Users may want to use the ievms software to automate this process, which is otherwise fairly complicated to do on a Mac. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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IE Tab - Run Internet Explorer in Chrome

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  6. Question feed. After enabling Develop menu in Safari preferences, use custom user agent settings to preview content in Safari as if browsing in IE. Basically, once you get the hang of it, there is no need for virtualization software. Use MacFly Pro for quick and complete removal of unneeded apps. Though today Internet Explorer is associated strictly with Windows OS, back in the days, it was the default browser on several Mac OS versions as well.

    But after , when Apple launched their own Safari browser, it became hardly possible to find a typical Mac owner who uses IE. Nevertheless, even nowadays some circumstances or system settings require the ability to open and view some websites on Apple devices with Internet Explorer directly or by enabling some kind of emulator.

    Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac

    Often, such organizations do not trust innovations. They prefer leaving everything the way it was a long time ago. This option is meant to let you imitate Internet Explorer on Mac without taking plenty of your time and nerves. It is, perhaps, the easiest way to fool a website into believing you are running a different browser to view web pages.

    Basically, the user agent is the identifier of your browser and operating system.

    This information helps servers to send back the web page version that will be displayed correctly in this very browser.