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User Interface. Sandee Cohen February 10, Instead there is a dynamic touch bar that changes according to the application and modifier keys chosen. Unfortunately, the default keyboard setup hides the function keys when InDesign is launched.

This is an inconvenience for anyone working with InDesign or some other Creative Cloud applications. One way to restore keyboard shortcuts for these commands is to remap the InDesign shortcuts. But there is also a way to add the function keys to the touch bar. Once the System Preferences opens, click the Keyboard icon second row, third from the left.

This opens the Keyboard preferences controls. There are two ways to add the function keys to the touch bar. The first way uses the fn key to display the function keys. They Keyboard tab in the Keyboard area contains the controls for the FN keys. Again, open the System Preferences and click the Keyboard icon. Just bought a new HP running Windows 10 and Office I have the same problem as the original article.

The same with F2 - instead of editing, my screen dims. By holding the Fn key before pressing the keys, returns to the expected functionality, which is a part solution. I use these functions all the time. I'd rather hold down Fn if I want to switch display like almost never!

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Anyone have any idea? I've searched extensively and this is the closest I've come, without solution. Hi, I do indeed have a Toshiba Laptop with Windows 8. If I try to use F2 first, it indeed allows only to readjust brightness. And if I try to do again in an other cell, the same procedure affects nothing whatsoever. Weird, isn't it? So I am stuck with my original problem! You can hold the windows key down and then press the F4 key as you did before and it will lock your formula I was not able to use f4 keys in excel Thanks again sir.

My laptop still lacks the ability to utilize F4 even whilst holding the FN key, nor does it possess this valuable FLock everyone seems fond of. Any other suggestions? I have a Dvorak keyboard and it's been puzzling me for a very long time. It unlocked the special function keys and returned them to normal use. Thanks again! Thank you. This solved the problem I was having with excel.

I'm taking an excel class and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. But now I know I just needed to activate the Function Key. I am running Office 16 under Windows Whilst the F4 key worked perfectly under windows 8. However, by initally pressing th Fn Lock key, the F4 produces the absolute cell referencing in the formula.

What is Mac equivalent of the F4 shortcut that converts cell - Microsoft Community

Carolyn While I like Willy's tip which I didn't know , if you want more control - for instance because you've got a lot of references and only some are absolute, you can press F4 after entering each reference and only that reference will be affected. This has always been my habit as I build up a formula.

Carolyn Simply highlight the entire formula before pressing F4.

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This is great, except when I have a calculation of two cells, and I want both set as absolute cell reference. Any suggestions to set all components of the calculation to absolute cells? I don't have a FN on my computer. I have a problem with the F keys, F5 in particular. This was my edit key in Windows Vista. Now I have Windows 8. The Fn function does work in different circumstances. However, it does not let me edit a cell in excel like I used to do. I have to retype the contents of the cell in its entirety.

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That is a pain. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, the FN plus F4 key did the trick for me. Couldn't find this anywhere. Good article. I have Dell Inspiron and the Escape key has a symbol of a lock with the letters "Fn" within. This is toggling the usage of the Fn key with the functionality of the F buttons.

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The key for enabling the function keys may also be labled "F Lock" Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. You can use that to set you preferred default for the keys and this may be Hazel's long-term answer. Nov 29, AM in response to lindasc In response to lindasc.

Nov 29, AM. If you're looking for a keyboard shortcut to toggle between absolute and relative references in Numbers 3, you can click the range token in a formula and hit command-k and shift-command-k. Me too. Jan 15, PM in response to lindasc In response to lindasc. Jan 15, PM. Apr 27, AM in response to lindasc In response to lindasc. Apr 27, AM.

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I need my F4 key to be the absolute function in excel. Not working! I have a new imac 3. More Less.

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