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And then press the return key.

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The Mac computer will boot up again and then the black screen issue will get resolved. Then enter the password for logging in like normal. If this method works. Then the black screen issue will get resolved quickly and your Mac OS will boot up normally.

How to fix Mac black screen and won't turn on?

There are certain models of MacBook Pro that resolves the dual graphics cards problem. This can also lead to the problem of MacBook pro black screen.

How to fix Mac black screen and not turning on issue?

This problem can be resolved if you disable the automatic graphics card switch on your MacBook Pro. Step 1: Go to the Apple menu and then select system preferences.

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After that, go to the Energy Saver. So, these were some of the ways that one can use to solve the problem of MacBook Pro black screen. We hope that the above-mentioned solution works out for you. Vote count:. Your email address will not be published. February 2, Post Views: 1, Reset the Management Controller for Resolving the Problem of Black Display on Boot: The first thing that you can try out in resolving any power related problems associated with the Mac is to reset the SMC or system management controller.

Use Keypress Sequence to Resolve the Problem of Macbook Pro Black Screen: There are certain keyboard shortcuts for the Mac operating system such as restart controls, sleep and shut down button. Step 3 : Hold the button of power for forced or hard shut down.

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  4. Now, Enter Password and then Select Return: Another alternative to get rid of the problem of MacBook Pro black screen is to enter the normal login password. Step 2: Now, press the return key. Then the black screen issue will get resolved quickly and your Mac OS will boot up normally Turn off the Graphics Switching: There are certain models of MacBook Pro that resolves the dual graphics cards problem. Step 2: Turn off the switch of automatic graphic switching. Step 3: Now, restart your Mac computer like normal.

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    After you solve the problem, you can start downloading your favorite videos from YouTube to Mac and never have to worry about a black screen every again. Airy is the best solution for downloading YouTube videos.

    The first thing to try is just reloading the page. If you managed to fix the problem by just reloading the video, then you can start watching it whenever you want and move on to how to download it to Mac through Airy. You need to have a strong and reliable network connection to stream videos. A weak or interrupted network connection will have trouble loading videos. This causes the black screen issue or means you can hear the audio from a video, but not see the video itself. If you happen to be in this situation, then start by checking your network connection. It's possible that your screen dimmed down because you accidentally pressed the brightness keys on the keyboard.

    Thus, another thing to try to fix this issue is disconnecting all the unnecessary peripherals. Now, shut down your Mac, remove all peripherals, then reboot your Mac. This might make your Mac function normally again. NVRAM stores things like screen resolution, time zone information, and, crucially, which hard drive to boot from. Keep pressing the keys until you hear a second startup sound.

    Starting up your Mac in Safe Mode helps to check and prevent some software from automatically loading or opening. Press and hold the Shift key while tapping the power button to start your computer.

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    Release the Shift key till you see the Apple logo and loading bar. If your Mac loads successfully in Safe Mode, try restarting without pressing any keys. To run it, you need to boot your Mac into Recovery Mode:. Then choose the system disk and click First Aid on the top menu bar. When the process is finished, click Done and restart your Mac.

    If none of the solutions above helps, then you need to erase the system drive and reinstall macOS. This operation will erase all data on the Mac hard drive. So, please make sure you have a backup copy of all data.

    How to fix iMac/MacBook Pro/Air black screen and won't turn on?

    If not, you can at first jump to the next part and recover data from the Mac hard drive. Step 5: Setup the required information to reformat the disk and click Done when finished. Follow the wizard to reinstall macOS. Obviously, if your Mac screen is black with chime on startup, you have no access to the files stored on the Mac hard drive.

    1. Turn the brightness all the way up

    But, it necessarily mean the data will lost for good. For example, if you have backed up your files regularly, you can restore files from your backup copy. Without any precious backup, you can still recover lost data on the not booting Mac computer with the help of iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery. According to your specific situation, you can choose one of the methods as below to get your lost data back.

    If you have only one computer, and the operating system in the Recovery Mode is macOS This will boot your Mac into Recovery Mode. Note: If your Mac hasn't connect to internet, you need to choose a WiFi network in the upper-right corner of the screen.