Como escribir acentos en teclado mac

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Tilde using a mac keyboard running on windows 7? - Super User

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Share: Tweet. You're welcome. The option key is between the control and the command key. What about tilde n on a iphone? Thank you!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Check out these great sites I love reading roundups.

You're sure to find something useful or interesting out of those that are well-thought of, where the author tak Automator Tutorial: Rotating Images. Rotating an image is a fairly easy task. A simple photo program can help you do this in just one click. But this simple task can become very Watch this video to learn about file and directory permissions while you're working inside Terminal in Mac OS X.

This video is from Unix In this video, web developer Kevin Skoglund shows you a few ways you can access the Finder via Terminal.

You'll see some examples of Uni All chars did OK with the accented a etc but wouldn't work with the n tilde. The zipped up job wouldn't load properly and not for the reasons given on the webpage. Anything more? I've got MoreKeys 1. Google still provides lots of links to it but they don't work.

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I've got the files in a. I'll try it as an attachment if you like to PM me with a mail address. This link is no longer available. I am having a really hard time with the accents on my laptop. I have had another look for the Brasher "More Keys" software but they do not seem to be providing it any more. It enables Microsoft Keyboard shortcuts for international characters. Sorry I can't try it out as I have a Spanish keyboard. Hola Ben I have enclosed in an attachment my way of using accent I find it very usefull, I an 72 and taking a Open University course in spanish this year, I love your chats with your wife great for my listening practice.

Thank Hughie Hugo. Here it is Much easier than all the other goofy stuff mentioned Click Start, and then click Control Panel. The Regional and Language Options dialog box appears. On the Languages tab, click Details. The Text Services and Input Languages dialog box appears. Under Installed services, click Add. The Add Input language dialog box appears.

In the Input language list, click the language that you want. For example, English United States.

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  • In the Select one of the installed input languages to use when you start your computer list, click Language name - United States-International where Language name is the language that you selected in step 6 , and then click OK. Notice that the Language bar appears on the taskbar. When you position the mouse pointer over it, a ToolTip appears that describes the active keyboard layout. For example, United States-International. Click the Language bar, and then click United States-International on the shortcut menu that appears.

    The United States-International keyboard layout is selected. Caveat: that article also contains a bunch of other goofy stuff ; PS: Certain international characters are available in the standard UK keyboard configuration. Hi Forgive me if I have missed the answer to the question I am about to ask. I use Vista and as yet have been unable to type the relevant accents. I am not a great computer user. Can anyone explain how I can use accents or a site that I can access.

    I think that the link on post 37 of this thread can apply to Vista. Thank you very much pablo and Gary! I was aware of the keyboard mapping option, but didn't know about the option key method. I've used the Dvorak layout for my English typing as it's supposed to be easier on the wrists. I haven't found a Dvorak equivalent for Spanish, though, so I'll probably be using the option method.

    Accents and tildes on a MacBook Pro

    How do I do it on a laptop with For laptops, most have some sort of "Num lock" key that you press, and then use the numbered keypad that share keys with some letters and hit num lock again to go back to typing. Hi Guys If you are using Vista or XP here's a trick.. I've done this but I've left it so it says EN in the language bar. Any ideas why? Can it be done? Cortez I to have a similar problem to you with the exception I don't see the the EN at the top right hand side of the tool bar.

    But everything else is as you say. I have vista and have asked previously how I can obtain the accents over the letter and so far this is the closest I have come. At least I now get some accents thanks to Marie-Chan help. Can anyone else offer any further help? Couldn't agree with you more!