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This is from the cover story in the upcoming print edition of The goal is to raise much needed awareness and support to change the broken AMC model within our industry. View All Events.

  • Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) Information - Accurity Valuation!
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PS — Never Quit! National Appraisers Forum. Fannie and Freddie Will Fail! Fee Transparency, Pivotal Point for Appraisers.

  • ACI’s to Integrate to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s UCDP Appraisal Delivery Platform.
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  • Before registering with the GSEs.

Are Reports Intellectual Property? Appraisal Fee Transparency. Appraisers Ditch a la mode.

AIR (Appraisal Independence Requirements)

Slow Pay AMCs. Open Letter to AMCs. My Day as an Appraiser.

New Subprime Loan in Disguise? Freddie Mac Home Possible Mortgage Loan 2018 - Review

Frivolous Complaints Against Appraisers. AI Ignored the Residential Appraiser. Need for Speed?

Hybrids are NOT the Answer! Another Appraisal Waiver Request. When is Enough, Enough? AMC Abuses? Hybrid Appraisal Created by Appraisers? Garbage Replacing Appraisers?

Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Requirements

Human Real Estate Appraisers Unnecessary? Is that not Significant Assistance? Appraisal Waivers vs. Public Trust.

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Call to Action. Sign Now! I don't even like the name of them An update. Recently, I have done a few appraisals on high-value If they AMC'S can just stop ordering them please. I would For more detail information, visit the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac web site.

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Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Central Time, Telephone: Click here to contact an Accurity Appraiser ComplianceOfficer accurityvaluation. September 1, — Effective date for UAD compliant format requirements for appraisals. General users are not required to complete separate registration forms for either GSE, only the LA obtains registration.

The LA has the ability to log-in to the UCDP portal as the first user to set up the organization profile and add other users from the organization. Accurity Valuation: Lake Cook Rd.