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The icon is available on the Mac menu bar icon. Keeping things minimal, Weatherbug shows you the temperature and the weather-condition icon on the top menu bar of your Mac.

When you click on the icon, Weatherbug panel gets open, showing more info like local time and weather forecast. This is where the limitation comes.

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Weatherbug shows a limited amount of data like current temperature, a graph and live radar. However, when you click on the icon, Weatherbug website opens up, where you can see a lot of information. Weatherbug supports more than 2. You can add as many locations as possible and it seems to work worldwide.

All these tools are free to use and Weatherbug does not have a freemium version. So, you can count on the Weatherbug app for best weather alerts and data across devices. Check Out Weatherbug. If you need a visual weather report instead of some numbers, Swackett for Mac is a likely option.

It is actually a part of a bigger weather network, which launches multiple apps. Swackett app has used a visual-friendly UI. In a simple glance, you can know the current temperature as well as how today will be like. You can expand the other sections to know the weather forecast for days. Swackett does not offer any kind of customization options, though.

However, you can know levels of temperature, precipitation levels, sunrise-sunset timings and an hour-based graph of temperature. Just as we said, Swackett also suggest the kind of dress you should wear. In the US, many features including radar data are available. Swackett is available for Mac only, but there are some other apps from same developer for iOS. You get Activity Peeps and Dark Mode along with some more data.

Introducing Forecast Bar for Mac

Check Out Swackett. If you are looking for best weather radar app, go for RadarScope. You should check this out only if you are a weather enthusiast. So, if you are planning to find actual weather data, you should know how to analyze RADAR information. There is a bunch of options for customizations though. As we said, RadarScope does not show you predefined temperature or the precipitation levels.

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This app is for enthusiasts, and enthusiasts only. You can get high-resolution radar data on a variety of devices. In addition to the free version, RadarScope has two tiers of PRO versions — supporting lightning data and more. Check Out RadarScope. If you are ready to pay, Carrot Weather is the best overall weather app for Mac. Carrot Weather has taken a visual-first approach when it comes to UI.

You can get a quick glance of current weather conditions, and Carrot Weather presents the information quite humorously. There is also a minimal window for the Mac menu bar. Carrot Weather brings a huge amount of weather data, but things are meant to be quick here.

How to Add Weather Forecast to Your Mac Menu Bar

You can know the current temperature and forecast on daily or hourly basis. You can also access 7-day forecasts from the minimal or full window.

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Carrot Weather says that the weather data is available worldwide. However, depending on the location, the availability may vary. Carrot Weather also is the best multi-platform weather app for Mac. Check Out Carrot Weather. Forecast Bar is probably the best weather app you can get for Mac. This multi-platform weather app does a great job in showing important weather data without disturbing anything. Everything can be managed via the menu bar icon. It has an extensive interface that gives importance to data. Compared to any app in the list, Forecast Bar lets you customize the interface to the minute details.

By default, Forecast Bar shows a variety of weather-related information, such as temperature, dew point, wind, pressure etc. You can also get quick forecast information from the menu bar. Forecast Bar works worldwide and tries to bring variety of data to all places. In US cities, you can get as much details as possible. In addition to these, you have some awesome features like minute-by-minute prediction and iCloud Sync.

Forecast Bar is the true multi-platform weather app for Mac. You can keep all your devices in sync and even forward alerts and messages. When it comes to Apple TV version, the app lets you know the weather details from home screen as well. Hit OK in the popup. Check out the current weather condition will appear in the menu on your Mac.


If you want the app to show more, you will have to upgrade to the pro version. From the same menu, you can head over to the Preferences panel of the app and use other goodies like the option to show the latest weather right on your desktop. If you ever want to remove the weather prediction icon from the menu, simply click on weather icon and choose Quit.

The app feels pretty intuitive and works accurately. So, I would definitely like to give it thumbs up.

As mentioned above, there are quite a few weather apps that can let you get it done. They are all highly rated and can live up to your demand pretty well. Have any question? Shoot it down below. Reviews Apps How-to Mac. Rajesh Mishra. Sponsored Links. Rajesh Mishra https: Aside from catching up with the fun-loving videos and FPS, he likes playing badminton and composing poems.

How to Add the Weather Forecast to your Mac Menu Bar

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