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But while there have been some missteps in addition to Carson, Steven Spielberg anthology Amazing Stories parted ways with showrunners Bryan Fuller and Hart Hanson, and sources say the Jason Momoa sci-fi epic See will soon make a change at the top , the interest surrounding Apple's Hollywood debut remains high. Apple executives have acknowledged entertainment isn't their expertise. But we don't really know how to create shows. And many believe that it will. The next leg of growth for Apple is going to be services. Construction is underway on a sleek, glass-enclosed office building that will house Erlicht and Van Amburg's Worldwide Video team, which will make up a significant portion of the 1, or so workers Apple expects to employ in the neighborhood by Historically, when Apple enters a new industry, it doesn't do so tepidly.

When it launched iTunes in , it struck deals with every major music label and, eventually, revolutionized the way people bought and listened to music. Echoing an industrywide push to own the content you distribute, on Oct.

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Their deals are said to be even higher with producing fees and ownership points. These costs are at the high end of premium streaming but represent pocket change for Apple. But the gifts haven't exactly made up for the regular Apple presence on some sets, where sources say development executives have been hands-on with ensuring that each show fits the Apple brand. While the company isn't imposing strict family-friendly guidelines — early episodes of Morning Show feature the heavy use of F-bombs — the understanding is that explicit content must be in service of the storyline and all projects should, ultimately, mesh with Apple's aspirational brand identity.

According to a recent BuzzFeed News report, the company also pressured creators not to portray China negatively to avoid angering the authorities.

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The corporate meddling has led to some creative differences. During early development of Amazing Stories , Fuller and Hanson received pushback from both Apple and studio Universal Television over what sources describe as their vision for an edgy, high-concept anthology.

One story would have followed a crazy cat lady murdered by her feline friends. Though the show was meant to be part of Apple's launch slate, the departure of the producers delayed the project.

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While showrunner departures are common — especially with straight-to-series orders increasingly frequent at streamers and upstart outlets — some within the creative community attribute Apple's early hurdles to its lack of Hollywood savvy. Two guys who ran a studio are now effectively running a network. They've built a collection of executives who individually are great but are working together for the first time. Kitsis doesn't agree.

Some of whom we had actually worked with back in our ABC days, so there was an immediate comfort level for us. Veteran execs aside, Morning Show 's drama continued into postproduction. After an arbitration, the Writers Guild awarded Carson the lone "created by" credit, though he has no current involvement in the show; Ehrin was granted "developed by" credit Carson, Ehrin and the WGA declined to comment.

The decision is said to have gone against the recommendation of Media Res — fronted by former HBO drama head Michael Ellenberg, who has three shows and counting at Apple.

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